Dawei Net and Post Set

Extremely nice and durable. Don't be afraid of the clip. This is all solid stuff. I've had mine on and off at the club 2x a week for years and they're still like new, literally. Clamp is super heavy, but it won't fix your table if the heights don't match like screw will. :) It will hold the net as tight as you want it though.

Replacement Net

Not too bad for the price. Doesn't feel like hard plastic, fairly supple. Comes out in the standard looped end and strings with chains.

Rectangular Racket Cover

Purchased separately or available with combos for upcharge. Holds two racket comfortably.

Elliptical Racket Cover

The case has a ball pouch that holds 3 balls on the back side, although I always felt the balls could be broken like that.. Can be ordered at a discount with combos on the combo page. I usually carry both dawei and galaxy similar models and typically ship the brand that matches the blade.

Round Racket Cover

This is my favorite case. It's less bulky and I can tell which racket is which in my bag. I've never had a handle damaged, so this is my favorite to use.

Plastic Rubber Covers

Heavy mil stitched plastic covers. Comes wrapped in pairs.

Tree Hugger Water-Based Glue

Standard issue water based glue as far as I can tell. Small 1oz bottles means less glopping if you don't use it quickly. This product DOES contain LATEX, so please be aware if thats a medical issue for you. Note this is not the type of glue I use in my instructional videos, where I use regular rubber cement. I still recommend Elmers Rubber Cement personally, unless you're gluing within a day of a tournament. I do know many people who prefer this water-based kind.


Edge Tape

Galaxy edge tape. Nice design. Still just the ribbon material, but 10mm and it looks nice. I also have some 10mm red edge tape that's plain looking but is the more protective, cloth-backed material like most of the name brand tapes. I sell two lenghts of red for the price, but I have to unroll it and stick it on plastic (usually around rubber plastics.) It stays perfectly like that though.

OUT OF STOCK 10mm (what I have temporarily is 9mm which you can order if you want)