Welcome to Cole's Table Tennis! Here you'll find a selection of products for sale at great prices, as well as reviews. There are also videos on gluing and cutting rubber, and applying topsheet onto sponge.

Check out our current specials below!

Beginner Combo

Speed: ALL+
Weight: 155 -165g
Plies: 5W

With a Dawei DW2 Blade and Gambler Reflectoid rubbers, this is an ideal choice for beginners, kids, or anyone needing a very lightweight setup with reasonable spin and tons of control.

Comes with round case, tape - ready to play.


Premade Buster Combo

Speed: DW2 (ALL+), R2 (OFF), R5 (OFF)
Weight: 85g
Plies: 5W

For intermediate to advanced players, one of these blades combined with Dawei 2008XP rubbers beats any premade under $60 at least.

Penholders please use the combo page so that you can specify gap, or send an accompanying email with preferences.

Comes with round case, tape - ready to play!



Yinhe Big Dipper

Here by popular demand amongst forum readers. Galaxy's latest entry into the "Japanese" style rubber arena. Non sticky but very spinny, very tuned.



Giant Dragon TopEnergy Soft - RED ONLY overstock sale

Giant Dragon's popular entry into the top-teir tuned rubber market. Listed as soft but to me feels medium. Lightly tacky. Swolen with tuner.


Overweight Blades

Speed: Depending On Selection
Weight: 94-102g
Plies: Depending On Selection

Some guys like them heavy... you know who you are! But seriously, I have collected a lot of heavy blades over the years, and I have some in most makes. I sell a lot to people with pips or hardbat who want weight, but not enough. Blades 93-100g are 25% off. 100g+ are half-off. Email for availability and harpoon one today!

Current overweight stock is mostly Dawei wood.